The Belgariad, a true masterpiece

Pawn of ProphecyI was fourteen when Pawn of Propecy by David Eddings, the first book in the Belgariad, arrived on bookshelves. The cover art was appealing (good start), it contained maps (a must for me), and it was the first in a series. What more could I want? Also, the final book in the series, Enchanters’ End Game, was published only two short years later – incredible!

In those two years, David Eddings gave us a masterpiece. The Belgariad is a truly iconic work. I forgave Eddings’ occasional sentimental and cheesy prose, because he somehow makes it work and the overall story arc is a gripping tale of farm boy Garion, growing up with blinders on. Eddings’ reminds us males what it’s like to be a boy again.

Rich in characters, gods and magic, the books take us on a journey through foreign lands, often familiar and frightening, and keeps a steady pace that never lags. This is quite an impressive accomplishment considering the series contains five books.

The Belgariad is a must-read for any fan of fantasy – your experience with the genre will simply not be complete otherwise.


~ by oblivionrising on August 24, 2009.

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