Diablo III…oooooo!

diablo3aThe music…it’s folk, yet modern and vaguely macabre – somewhere between TerraFolk and Nine Inch Nails. The images are rich…and full of Hellspawn and cleavers. Just thinking about the game sends a shiver down my spine. I’ve played it on several different computers that could not cope with the meagre system requirements. Mac and PC, they always seemed to crash at some point but I keep coming back.

Now the third installment is on the horizon and I can’t help myself. I tremble in anticipation and giggle and titter like a little girl with every viewing of the phenomenal cinematic trailer. Will it meet expectations or exceed them? If the tailer were for a film, I would be camping out in line, days in advance, irritating the legitemate business owners flanking the cinema with my unwashed pressence.

In the immortal words of Ray Kinsella, ‘If you build it they will come.’ So please build faster, Blizzard, because I can hardly wait. Maybe my computer spec will be up to scratch this time. If not, then what better reason to get a new one?


~ by oblivionrising on August 29, 2009.

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