Edinburgh International Book Festival

EIBF_colour_logo2A book-lovers’ paradise, the Edinburgh International Book Festival is the the place to have a coffee, get a book signed, oh yeah, and see an author speak about their work.

Despite Scotland’s appalling summer weather, it is the ideal place to ruminate and be a sponge. If you love books – genre not withstanding – and you’ve never been, then you are missing out on one of life’s true pleasures.

On my last visit, I attended the workshop Fight for your Rights – an hour of sound advice, administered by prolific author Nicola Morgan and chaired by publisher Keith Charters from Strident Publishing Ltd. What followed was a pleathora of information for authors without agents.

Let’s face it, getting an agent is not easy – especailly if you write non-fiction – but there is help out there! The Society of Authors is a great resource if you’ve been published or have a contract in the works. They will help you (after you become a member of course) avoid being taken advantage of in the whole contract negotiation process. They will ‘vet’ your agreement. How cool is that?!? Also, Nicola created a blog about getting published and getting an agent: www.need2bpublished.blogspot.com.

She also briefly discussed copyright. She is not a lawyer, but she pointed out a great website that helps you sort it out. Creative Commons is a website that allows you to create the correct legal language for your needs. It is especially helpful if you have a blog, where most of us are vulnerable. The only reason I haven’t included it on my page is because I’m too lame to figure out how to alter the html for my site. Check it out, I know you will find it useful.

Good luck and happy hunting.


~ by oblivionrising on September 1, 2009.

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